Larry’s Latest Laughs #191

Heard some Olympic athletes were taking a knee during the games. I thought it was Un-American, till I found out it was the Curling Team.

With all the sexual harassment cases in the news, the boss posted a new dress code policy. No neckties because of where they point.

Tomorrow, California will become the sixth U.S. state, to legalize, regulate, and tax sales of recreational marijuana. Officials said it was a joint effort.

Conxxxion Adult Store on Hollywood Rd. in Houma was robbed last night. The robber really did have a pistol in his pocket.

In the Conxxxion Adult Store robbery last night, a customer was also robbed of twenty dollars. They didn’t release his name. I’m sure he was just in there getting a gag gift.

Today is National Bacon Day! They’ll be a whole look of bacon goin’ on.

We’ll be doing another performance of Jesus Christ Superstar, Palm Sunday. I’ll once again play Apostle Peter. I’m calling it a Re-Pete.

Florida is still the 3rd most populous state, keeping New York forth in line. To the new residents of Florida, I lift my glass of Metamucil.

Today was the day in 2001 that the Shoe Bomber was caught. He’s in the same cell as the Underwear Bomber. They run the jail haberdashery.

Chuck E. Cheese will now offer delivery. Now you won’t have to leave your house to watch a family brawl at a pizza party.


From an an early age I knew what I wanted to do. I've done radio, TV, stand-up, the stage, opera, written plays, musicals, creative director for an arts an entertainment magazine, owned nightclubs and restaurants. I'm a terrible business man. I host the morning show on C-96.7 KCIL, Houma, La. #RRBC

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