Larry’s Latest Laughs #194

To make it more humane, a Maine lobster pound is using marijuana smoke to sedate the lobsters before they cook them. They blow the smoke into the the box along with the water. They call it a Cheech Marin-nade.

During the Carolina floods, it was said The Cajun Navy had gone missing. The North Carolina police did find them. The Cajun Navy said next time, they won’t bring their fishing poles.

An 83-year-old Japanese woman has been named to the Guinness World Records as the oldest club DJ. She says she loves doing the mash-ups, because that’s the only way she can eat her food.

NASA announced they found ice on the surface of the moon. To learn more, officials are sending Michelle Kwan, Nancy Kerrigan and Kristi Yamaguchi.

Always one to listen, a politician told me the tax cuts go to the greedy rich. I thought about voting against them and told my wife. She said, no you’re not. Now, I don’t know who to be mad at, the rich, my wife, or the politician who told me.

Disneyland now serves alcohol. The sports bar that features the princesses is a big hit. It’s said to be a ladies night out you don’t want to miss.

SeaWorld is eliminating 125 positions. One official, said the cost cutting move will close down some of the schools.


From an an early age I knew what I wanted to do. I've done radio, TV, stand-up, the stage, opera, written plays, musicals, creative director for an arts an entertainment magazine, owned nightclubs and restaurants. I'm a terrible business man. I host the morning show on C-96.7 KCIL, Houma, La. #RRBC

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